Embroidery Digitizing Fee (1000 stitches)

US$ 1.5

Rush Digitizing Fee (turnaround within 2 to 12 hours)

Extra $10 per job

Minimum Embroidery Digitizing Fee (7,000 stitches)

US $10.5

Maximum Embroidery Digitizing Fee (70,000 stitches)

US $105

For example, an embroidery design having stitches 8294 will cost $12.44. A design having less than 7000 stitches (suppose a design with 6446 stitches will cost $10.5). Similarly a design having more than 70,000 stitches (suppose a design with 135,446 stitches will cost $105)

Minor or Moderate Editing


Major Editing if different than originally ordered

Depending on job

Editing of Files not digitized by us

Depending on job

Machine / File Format Conversion




Size Change (downwards)

up to 20% decrease in size is free, others will be charged as per job complexity

Size Change (upwards)

Depending upon stitch increment i.e. $1.5 / 1000 Stitches


We provide unmatched prices for vector conversion starting at $10 per artwork.

For more details please see the rate list below.

$10 / artwork for simple vector conversion
Complex artwork vector conversion will be charged as per complexity. Please email us for a quote at

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